Check out our Calender page for upcoming classes. Contact Brian or Jason to reserve your seat today. Or head over to our contact page and fill out the contact form. We hope to see you there.r pa

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Our Team

Looking for  capable instructors to teach you about firearm basics and marksmanship? All VDG instructors are certified NRA instructors here to help you. Be confident in knowing you are learning from the best.

Upcoming Class

Valkyrie Defense Group was started to fill a gap in the personal and home defense training world. We feel re-hashing training tips from videos is not suitable training. VDG offers full service real world training to individuals interested in self and home defense. Valkyrie Defense Group is a company focused on real training for the average concealed carry citizen.



Currently we offer several basic classes. Looking to get your Ohio CHL or CCW give us a call. Our dedicated instructor's are willing to help you. We will even travel to a training location of your choice.