Jason Groves is a Certified I.C.E. Defensive Firearms Coach,  NRA pistol instructor, a Self-Defense Inside the Home instructor, as well as a United States Marine.
​Jason was assigned as a Reconnaissance Scout for the 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion. Jason also served in the Marine Security Forces and held multiple billets in a dedicated security and anti-/counter-terrorism unit
Brian is a certified I.C.E. Defensive Firearms Coach, and  NRA Pistol instructor. Brian has also taken countless hours of advanced pistol training. As a self-proclaimed, student of the gun Brian strives to bring students the most up to date knowledge and information available. His love for teaching and passion for firearms is shown in every class. Brian also authors the Absolute BS Blog where he also focuses on firearms, self-defense, and the politics surrounding the Second Amendment.

Top Notch Instruction

Committed to providing you excellent training


It is our mission to make sure every student leaves more knowledgeable and more skilled than when they first walked into our classroom. In order for us to do that we are not looking for classrooms full of 25-30 students. We are happier to have 6 exceptionally trained students leave our classroom than 60 uneducated, irresponsible ones. It is with that attitude we approach every class and strive to make sure all the needs of every student are met to their satisfaction and ours.

Jason Groves


Brian Scheetz


The VDG Team



Proper Training

 It is the mission  VDG to focus on quality training vs. quantity. We strive to make sure every student leaves each and every class knowing more, and shooting better than when they began the class. We at VDG feel it is best for us to have 6 exceptionally trained students leave a class than 60 inadequately trained ones.

We created Valkyrie Defense Group because we saw an apparent gap in what training many people are receiving for concealed carry and what we feel is necessary. Basic concealed carry classes give you the ability to carry a gun to defend your life, and we want to make sure you have the knowledge and skills if that time ever comes. We plan on offering the best instructors and classes to prepare you for that life or death situation whether it lasts 3 seconds, 30 seconds or 3 minutes.

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