Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions.
If you don't see your question, head over to the contact us page and give us a shout.

  • What are the topics to be covered in your class?
    - We will cover handgun/firearm basics and safety, storage and upkeep of your firearm, proper shooting positions, sight alignment, Ohio Law for carrying a concealed firearm in the VDG Pistol I class. The classes that follow that will build upon those fundamental in a more advanced environment. You can find more in the description of each class under the Services Offered tab.
  • Will there be lunch and refreshments provided?
    - Only for the VDG Pistol 1 class lunch will be provided. For the 6 hour advanced classes you are encouraged to pack a lunch and time will be given for a lunch break.
  • Why is the VDG Pistol I class 8 hours?
    - ​Ohio law requires a minimum of 8 full hours of class time to be verified by the NRA instructors in order to meet the requirements of Ohio's CHL.
  • Can I bring live ammunition, or my gun into the classroom?
    ​- NO. Live ammunition will not be presented until the range portion of your training. All firearms will be made safe in the classroom.
  • How many people are permitted in a class?
    - We at VDG like to keep class sizes smaller, for better instruction. The minimum class size is 6 people but we can accommodate up to 15. If you have more than 15 people please contact us and we will make arrangements to have more assistant instructors on hand to keep the student to instructor ratio good for everyone involved.
  • Once I'm done with the VDG Pistol I class, can I carry my weapon concealed?
    - NO. You will first need to schedule an appointment with your local Sheriff's Department or adjacent county's department to get your license. We will also cover this during the classroom portion.
  • Do I need to bring a holster for my firearm?
    - You can find all the required materials under the class descriptions under the Services Offered tab at the top of the page.
  • What if i don't own a firearm? Will one be provided?
    - Please contact us, and we will arrange the use of a firearm. We also will have a wide array of firearms on had at each class for students to try on breaks to see if something will be more suited for them than what they have already purchased.
  • I'm not 21, can I still take your class?
    ​-  Yes! Your training certificate is good for 3 years.

  • ​I've never shot a gun before, can I still take this class?
    - Absolutely! The VDG Pistol I class is designed for the brand new shooter. All our instructors love to help new shooters get started on their path to becoming a responsible gun owner and shooter.