Satisfied Customers

I wanted to let everyone who is thinking about taking a CCL course what an amazing job Brian Scheetz and Jason Groves at
"Valkyrie Defense" do! I had very little knowledge about handguns, or CCL, and this class was extremely informative. Not to mention FUN! We learned
so much in a 12 hour time period, it was amazing! The shooting range was challenging, fun, and I learned so much! This was a TRUE 12 hour CCL class, not one of those "fly-by-night just to get your permit" classes. Thank you so much Brian and guys ROCK!!!

- Kim C.

I attended a Basics Handgun class through Valkyrie Defense Group and was very impressed with the education and hands on
instruction I received! I definitely will be taking an advanced class from these top class instructors in the future.
​– Scott P.

 Brian Scheetz and Jason Groves are AMAZING instructors!
Thanks, guys, for all your information and hard work yesterday. I learned so much from your class.
– Debbie 

I would like to give a shout out and a heads up to anyone looking to take a concealed carry permit course in and around Columbus, Ohio.
Jason Groves and Brian Scheetz, owners of Valkyrie Defense Group, put on CCL course at our home yesterday and it was incredibly informative, well
demonstrated and organized. This was my second time taking a concealed carry course and I can tell you the first course didn't come close to the course
Jason and Brian put on. The course was given in two parts. Yesterday was instructional, next weekend will be the hands on weapons training. If the weapons training goes anything like the instructional part, it should be a great time. We're really looking forward to it.

Mike R.

Same shooter after VDG instruction

New Shooter at the beginning of the day